We provide websites specially tailored to heritage. They are easy to run and simple to navigate, but packed with special features like a date search.

Easy to use

We concentrate on making all our websites very easy to use and edit, because our clients are often volunteers or people with limited technical skills. You’ll be able to show a newcomer to your project how to add a page in just 10 minutes.

Easy to search

The software offers a wide range of ways to search and sort the content. You can organise content into a set of categories. These are normally the main sections of the site, and you can change or expand them at any time. You can also add keywords if you wish. There’s a date search, so you can find content by time period. There’s also a mapping facility, so you can sort content by geographical area. And, of course, there’s a free text search as well.

Encourage contributions from the public

If you wish, people will be able to contribute to your website, either by leaving comments at the foot of pages or by submitting their own photos, memories, articles or stories. All submitted content will be checked by you before it is published.

Special features for heritage sites

The software contains features specifically designed for heritage websites, such as a date search facility and easy-to-use mapping to show the location of an old photo or historical event.

Upload any kind of media

You’ll be able to upload any kind of media, including images, audio, video, downloadable documents, maps and text. There is no need to resize images before upload; that’s done automatically by the software.

Built with widely-used software

We build all our new websites using open source software. This is software that is created by the collaborative efforts of programmers all round the world, in the same way that Wikipedia is created by volunteer editors. This means that you are not dependent on us: if we cease to exist, your website will still be on a widely used platform.

Accessible on all devices

Our websites will adapt to display on mobile devices, such as tablets and iPhones. They will be optimised for search engines and include a facility for recording visitor statistics. They will also meet accessibility standards (typically, WGAC 2.0 AA).

Under your control

We set up the website for you with all the features that you need and give you training in how to add and edit content. After that, you won’t need to come back to us if you need to change the content; it’s all in your control.

Secure for the future

We ensure that you can export your content at any time, in a form that can be transferred to other software. If we host the site, we’ll back up your content automatically. The site is built with widely-used software, so you can turn to another supplier if we fall under a bus.

Meet funding guidelines and web standards

Our software and approach conforms to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s guidelines on using digital technology in heritage projects. Find out how we help your project meet the guidelines.