We provide a low-cost, reliable hosting service, with a discount for community groups. You’ll get enough disk space to cover most projects well into the future.

Planning a very big website?

If your site is huge, we can set up your site with very low-cost bulk data hosting.  However, this is usually only necessary if you plan to upload a large number of audio or video files.  Sites of up to 10,000 pages can usually fit within our standard disk space allowance.

Want to host the website yourself?

You can arrange for the site to be hosted on a server of your own choosing if you prefer.  However, we can’t provide our usual low-cost flat-rate annual maintenance contract on a third-party server, so in this case we would need to arrange a different type of maintenance contract.


"I have nothing but praise for the service and support we receive from you. We always receive a quick response and your "can do" attitude is great."