We specialise in providing easy-to-use cataloguing software for community archives. The software lets you catalogue your collection in a way that is consistent with the standards that professional archives or museums use, but which is straightforward and quick.

Unlimited users

The catalogue is stored online, which means that anyone from your group can work on it from any computer connected to the internet. There is no limit to the number of people who can work on the catalogue and no extra charge per user.

Attractive display

If you want to add digital files to your catalogue, our software will create an attractive online display, so that web visitors can browse the images, maps, documents and audio files.

Consistent with cataloguing standards

For community groups, we usually set up catalogues to follow the Community Archive Cataloguing Guidelines. For large collections, we can follow the full ISAD(G) archival cataloguing standard or Dublin Core, the standard which underpins museum collections. We can also add custom fields to meet your own particular needs.

Export and backup easily

Your catalogue can be downloaded as an Excel or .csv file. This means that if you ever want to transfer a copy of your catalogue to the local record office or museum it will be easy to do so. You can also quickly create a back-up copy of the catalogue at any time.

Import from spreadsheets and other software

If you already have a catalogue, you should be able to import the records you’ve created.  You’ll also be able to work on your new catalogue offline, by completing special spreadsheet templates we provide.

Search facility

You can search the catalogue by keyword, by date, by subject category or by free text. If you wish, we can include advanced search facilities, such as filters and searches against particular fields.

Easy to use and manage

Our cataloguing software is extremely easy to use. There are different levels of access, so more experienced people can edit and approve the work of others.

Choose who you want to see the catalogue

You can keep your catalogue hidden from public view, or present it on the internet so that anyone can browse through it. It’s also possible to make the entire catalogue (or particular fields) only available to registered or invited users.